Mujer de Color(es) teaches you to see vulnerability as a gift.

Being queer, being a person of color, being survivor of sexual abuse, of heartbreak, and so many other experiences and traumas can make us feel like there is no room for us to be anything else. Truth is, we are so multidimensional and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to face our traumas, insecurities, and fears can help us understand ourselves a little better. Healing isn't all love and light. It's sitting with your shadows, nurturing them, and transforming them into something worth sharing. Whether you choose to share or not, this space is here for you. Mujer de Colores books were created to celebrate you and guide you through your own amor propio journey.

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Mujer De Colores by Alejandra Jimenez

Mujer De Color(es) is an ode to multidimensionality.

Aleja Jimenez is a first-gen Latina, a queer woman, a spiritual- gangster, ​a lover of music and dance, a praiser of Mother Earth, and the eldest ​daughter of Mexican-migrant parents who have always embedded a ​strong sense of respect and passion for culture in her. From her poetry ​to her fashion label to her PR and Marketing Firm, leveraging her communities, which are ​intersectionally marginalized, is her ultimate motivator. It has served as ​the catalyst in her life and inspired her to throw herself into her creative gifts. Beyond her creativity, she is a leader ​and spokesperson for her community, often using her online platforms ​to raise awareness around LGBTQ+ rights, women's reproductive rights, ​immigration legislation, and racism. Aleja is unapologetically bold.

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